• quick house,simple house,container house,folding house
    quick house,simple house,container house,folding house


 ² Integrated house packing box room:

² 1. It can be removed, reused, and easy to transport, especially suitable for units that frequently replace construction fish.

² 2. The layout of the window is flexible, beautiful in shape, composed of steel frame, stable and firm.

² 3. The installation speed is fast, the waste is light, the foundation is surfaced, and declaration is not required.

² 4. The sealing performance is good, and the manufacturing process of the grid makes the integrated house have good water tightness.

² 5. It adopts air insulation design, which has good sound insulation and heat insulation; it can be designed in multiple shapes, and the appearance is bright and beautiful. Built-in air conditioner, central lighting, tables and chairs can be used immediately

² 6. Fast and convenient transfer, light weight, can be transferred all day long, flexible combination.